1) Off-season Celebration

Most of your friends already sent your their « Save the date » cards, and they are tying the knot in May, June, or during Summer.

Planning yours in the Winter is a good way to think outside the box and have a celebration you can really customize to be a reflection of your relationship : unique !

Winter holidays are just as good as summer to get together, if not more. « I’m dreaming of a white christmas » just might be your anthem as you’ll get ready for an oustanding party.


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2) Warm Venues

You can go crazy cozy by finding a lovely, warm place for your big day : a family mansion ? A cabin made of wood ? A dining room with a beautiful chimney ?

Forget about gardens and make yourself at home with our guests to amaze them.

Your Winter Wonderland ceremony can also sparkle like no other, by mixing Christmas and wedding decorations.

Candles and misletoe to add a nice touch to decorate tables, guest rooms, invitations, and you can even prepare cute plaids as gifts.



3) Stylish Outfits


Designers offer stunning options for dresses ! Vintage or modern, long sleeves or cloak, the Winter Bride seems out of a Fairy tale.

If you don’t want to go for a Princess look, it’s also very easy to find a lovely, casual white dress. Or to have fun with accessories, or why not, with shoes.

Grooms will also feel better in their suits, elegant and confident without fear of sweating too much in the sun, while enjoying the most romantic photoshoot of their lives.

No matter if you decide for a city set, or a countryside scenery : you’ll both look magicals for sure, and will keep those memories forever.


Still deciding about your wedding or elopement in Paris or anywhere in France? Drop me your questions here, I’ll get back to you soon!


Here’s also a link to my show in English about Weddings in France, if you’d like to hear it!

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