Well, here you are : asking yourself if an Elopement Wedding in Paris would be a good idea.


I’m Naïm, professional english-speaking Wedding Celebrant, based in my hometown, Paris.


I’d like to share with you today my top 3 reasons why getting married in Paris is the most glamourous choice you and your future husband/wife could possibly do!


1. Paris Is The City Of Love

Here’s the truth : even as a native Parisian, I feel its magic everyday. It’s simple : the feeling and touch of love is always present in the streets of Paris. It’s due to its long european history, culture, and taste. Many famous actors, authors, film directors, have tried to capture its magic for ages.


Getting married of have an elopement in a Paris landmark or in a hidden street of Montmartre is a real pleasure for the couples, and always leave joyful memories for years.


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2. Paris Gastronomy & Food Culture

Are you a foodie? I am surely… What I discovered when I was travelling the world, is the level of the French when it comes to food and gastronomy. You will litterally fall in love…with the food culture! It’s very common for couple to have a dinner in one of many Michelin-star restaurant in Paris, to consume a once-in-a-lifetime gastronomic experience after their Wedding Elopement.


3. Paris Has An Amazing Weather…Most Of The Time!


I’ve met many foreigners who were extremely worried about the cold weather here in Paris. To be honest, the weather can be sometimes…unpredictable let’s say. But during the summer season, Paris often enjoy many sunny days, and besides that, we have many plan B’s for locations in case of rain!



Still deciding about your wedding or elopement in Paris or anywhere in France? Drop me your questions here, I’ll get back to you soon!


Here’s also a link to my show in English about Weddings in France, if you’d like to hear it!

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