1. Inform Them

When you are ready, with your date set, start your guest list. Your next step will be to send your “Save the date-RSVP” notes, in order to adjust everything you need for the party : actual invitations, catering, accommodations eventually.

The earlier they know, the better they can plan !



2. Think of Them

This may sound obvious, however : going to a wedding is expensive for guests. Picking a costly venue or destination, a place far away from hotels, could be a struggle for some.

If you think of a dress code, remember not to be extra demanding : they might not be able to find an outfit in this very specific shade of purple !


3. Party With’em

D-Day. You asked everybody to be here for 11am, but clearly some are late. They are going to ruin your plan to have the ceremony rolling by 11.15, photo shooting by 12, and cocktail reception at 1pm sharp !

Don’t lose it. Make plans with time to take a break, or at least a deep breath, and just go with the flow. Plan so everyone is included, draw the table chart to make sure all of them are comfortable, and do your best to have a few minutes to welcome them, share a drink or a nice word.


Finally : Thank Them


A thank you note is as important as invitations, and don’t forget to send a special one to the friends and family who couldn’t make it to your wedding but sent you warm thoughts and wished you the best.

This is also a lovely tradition to offer a little gift to your guests for them to remember your special day. French people loves to give little boxes of sugared almonds (“dragées”) !


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