Music makes the people come together, you know that. So it is for sure a keystone to your wedding ceremony. Time for you to think about what to play and when to play it.


1) Hey Mister DJ

The number one choice for parties and celebrations is to hire a professional DJ.

It will help you get the best playlist, including your favorite songs and your guest’s, but also to keep the mood going as DJs set their skills for animation and the mic to lead the fun until the end of the night.

When choosing the right professional for your party, pick someone you feel in touch with, and with good communication. His personality will make a huge difference on what your celebration is going to sound and be like.


2) Beat Of The Band

Hiring a band is a dream for many future spouses. If it fits the vibe of your wedding (and your budget !), this is a classy, romantic way to bring music to your ceremony.

For this option, though, here are some tips : check if your reception venue the space needed for a band.

Talk to the band, see if they have a playlist, to make sure they’ll have some of your favourite’s. Mention songs you don’t want to hear, as well as the ones you really want on your special day.


3) Best Of Both Worlds

You can also mix it to really suit the mood you dreamed of, and/or to fit your budget. For example, you could hire a musician to play live while you walk down the aisle and make the moment really unique. Then switch to DJ to party all night long.

In this mix, you can also consider to rent a decent sound system and light set, and make your own playlist with a virtual DJ software. This is an alternate and cheapest way to musicalize your D-Day, but can also be tricky : you’ll have to create an awesome playlist to make sure your guests hit the dance floor, and make sure that it doesn’t become a collaborative DJ set with everybody picking songs, if it’s not what you want. Organization is the key (we recommend to make a long lasting playlist and to name one or two persons in charge around the computer).


This last option is unsual but remember : this is your day and it has to be what you want it to be.


Still deciding about your wedding or elopement in Paris or anywhere in France? Drop me your questions here, I’ll get back to you soon!


Here’s also a link to my show in English about Weddings in France, if you’d like to hear it!

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