Hi everyone! This is Naïm, Wedding Officiant based in Paris. Today I wanted to dig into a topic and a question I hear very often from my couples : can we get married at the Eiffel Tower?

Here’s 3 things to know about this, so you can prepare your Dream Wedding in Paris!

EDIT : are you planning to get married in Paris? Check out the latest Covid-19 Updates.

1. Timing Is Crucial

When people see pictures of an Eiffel Tower wedding, they are often amazed by how it feels like the couple is almost on its own, as if Paris and the Tower belongs to them…It’s no coïncidence!

Indeed, the Ceremony is surely taking place in the wee hours of the morning, when the sun rises. Why? Because the Eiffel Tower area is one of the world’s most iconic place, and as soon as the sun rises, a huge ballet of buses, cars, cabs, is starting to take place, and a LOT of tourists are coming around and start to spend their Tour day around Paris.

That is the reason why most elopements ceremonies taking place at the Eiffel Tower are scheduled in the early morning, to provide the most intimate ceremony to you, the bride and groom!

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2. Find The Perfect Spot

Crédit : Miss Paris Photo

Take the time to choose the perfect spot for you is also important. The Eiffel Tower (La Tour Eiffel in French) is located near the Seine River. You can see it perfectly from a lot of spots, including the Trocadero, which is located on the other side of the river. You can also have a Ceremony behind the Tower, near the Champ de Mars, where you can find beautiful green gardens.

All in all, it’s important to get the best accurate information about the location, so you can anticipate the quality of the settings, but also the Wedding pics!

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3. Plan It In Advance

A lot of couples are willing to elope near the Eiffel Tower, because of its iconic and charming touch. This is my favourite place to elope couples in love, but don’t wait too much to plan it, it can get extremely busy, especially in the summer!

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