More and more future spouses fall for a theme for their wedding day. If it is not mandatory, it can definitely be fun to plan around a common passion, and help on different topics such as the decoration, wedding cake, or gifts for the guests. What about your theme ?


1) One Theme For Two


You both love long walks in the countryside ? You’re in for a beautiful rustic themed celebration.

You met thanks to your passion for “Star Wars”? Go for a few nerdy and fun hints to decorate your venue.

The theme has to fit both your needs and dreams.

Don’t ask your groom for a Titanic themed ceremony if he gets seasick. Don’t make your bride come as a Triss Merigold cosplay only because you spent 3 full weeks playing “Witcher 3”.

Also, don’t pick a theme because it’s “trendy” or impressive: you have to feel happy and comfortable with your choices.


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2) Budget


We mention budget everytime but here is the truth : your theme can help you save some money on it, or make it bigger (renting a castle and horse-drawn cart for a Royalty themed wedding can probably make a gap).

According to your choice, you can easily find and recycle items to create a nice atmosphere.

If you have already found your venue and date, think about it so it goes with the theme. “Day at the beach” won’t have the same implications if you have opted to say yes in May in Nice, than in October in Brest.


3) What To Do With It ?


Your theme can be brought to light clearly, or nuanced.

It can be very subtle to let the guests see a glimpse of your world, or you can take them into a totally different and unique experience, depending on what you wish.

Here is a list of topics you can tune to it : dresses and suits, accessories, flowers and decoration, invitations and RSVP, venue, tables and seating plan, first dance and ambient music, wedding cake, gifts for your guests.

And a list to help you pick a theme : color(s), season, nature, place (countryside, seaside, or even an actual place like Paris !), time period (New Wave, Renaissance, 60’s), favourite movie or book, favorite band, hobbies, …


Now, the choice is yours !


Still deciding about your wedding or elopement in Paris or anywhere in France? Drop me your questions here, I’ll get back to you soon!


Here’s also a link to my show in English about Weddings in France, if you’d like to hear it!


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