You have decided to elope with your beloved, but you are still looking for this special place you’ll both find magical. And then you remember : we’ll always have Paris !

Our officiant knows the city well and he can tell you about the most magical spots to exchange your vows.

Here is some inspiration with 3 timeless and romantic landmarks in the city of love.


1- Iconic : the Eiffel Tower


Living the dream… If you think about a French symbol of history, greatness and passion, the Eiffel Tower is your go-to spot for your elopement.


From Trocadero Gardens, or from the Champs de Mars, you’ll feel Paris magic coming on to you to bless your marriage.


With the Iron Lady as an iconic backdrop for your ceremony, your “I do” will become an incredible moment to remember, and such a pride to share your pictures with your friends and family.


Our tip : this famous landmark always gets its crowd. However, Champs de Mars is a public square with a few opportunities to celebrate in a quieter corner. Early mornings are your best bet if you really want to minimize your audience outdoor.


Check out this entire article for more infos : “Can you get married at the Eiffel Tower?”


2- Idyllic : Luxembourg Gardens

You think about visiting the famous landmarks for an epic photo shoot, however, you’d rather have your ceremony in a peaceful, quiet area : you might fall in love with Luxembourg Gardens.


This big, green, flowery park offers a nice touch of history with many sculptures and statues watching over you as you exchange vows.


Our tip : enjoy even more the bucolic charm of this garden in the Fall or the beginning of Spring ! Also, just like the Eiffel Tower, we recommend that you plan your ceremony quite early in the morning to avoid the crowd.


3- Timeless : The Temple of Sybille


If you want your ceremony to be as quiet and intimate as possible, we’ll recommend a more “secret” gem of Paris.


The Buttes Chaumont Park is well-known by Parisians, but not so much by tourists.


Picture a green bower, perfect for a walk around the lake… It is also overlooked by a magnificent monument, the Temple of Sybille.


Our tip : You can reach the Temple for your ceremony, but also celebrate by the lake to put the Temple in the background. In the morning light it almost looks like a fairy tale garden, out of time and unique, making it an incredible spot for your special day.



Still deciding about your Ceremony? Drop me your questions here, I’ll get back to you soon!

Here’s also a link to my show in English about Weddings in France, if you’d like to hear it!

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