Your wedding day has a cost and it can be pretty hard to plan ahead and to know how much you will indeed spend.

If you are not yet planning but would like a gross price range in order to save, it is important to think about what you want and need.

Here are the 3 first questions and tips to help you to start.

1) How Many Guests ?

This is the main question you need to answer, considering that all your budget will grow around the answer.

Do you want to include everybody, like those relatives you never meet otherwise, or do you wish for an intimate celebration with close friends ?

You’ll then consider an average cost of 100 euros per guest for food (this average cost being found with venues providing options for catering, so it is a global cost for venue and catering, actually).

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2) Outfits

Another big expense is, sorry girls, the wedding dress.

If you don’t want to compromise about your dreamy expectation of a princess dress, the bill would reach an average of 700 to 1200 euros and it can go way higher depending on the brand, style, quality and details (lace design, pearls, strass, etc…).

Don’t forget to add accessories (shoes, veil, lingerie, jewels, hair ornaments), with an average cost of 300 to 500 euros (again, depending of tastes and wishes, the amount can be reassessed).

The future groom, on his side, will spend between 300 to 500 euros for his suit. Price gets higher for tailored outfits.

3) Service providers

Now is the time to make a list of the type of service you want. Wedding planner ? DJ or band ? Do you want a photograph for all the ceremony and party ? A videomaker maybe ?

Do you think about hiring a decorator or to become the queen of DIY ? What type of flowers and gifts do you have in mind ? Will you need babysitters, officiant, hairdresser, make-up artist ?

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It is quite hard to put a price for those services without asking an actual quotation to the service providers you would like to work with you on your special event.

However, this step will help you to come with a gross idea of the type of budget you need, sometimes against the type of budget you have.

You will probably make choices, lower your expectations, or contemplate to save more money (or longer) along the way to make your dreams come true.

Additional tips :

● Even when it comes to planning with your actual budget for the actual wedding, always add a 10% margin for extras and unexpected expenses (you NEVER know)

● It is up to you to decide to add to your wedding budget, the cost of your honeymoon, another big expense to think about if you dream about an unforgettable vacation.

Still deciding about your Wedding Ceremony? Send me your questions here, I’ll get back to you very soon!

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