Elopement ceremony

For everyone who doesn’t like the crowded atmosphere weddings have, having an elopement in France is the perfect way to celebrate your unconditional love. As a seasoned Paris celebrant, I’m here to make the most memorable experience out of it!

Elopements are all about escaping your everyday surroundings and enjoying this private moment as a couple. You can choose to attend your dream Paris elopement all by yourselves or take your closest friends and family on your journey to forever. They will be there to bear witness to your newly-created union as your pledge the unconditional love you have for one another. 

The fact that you’re eloping in Paris is enough of a reason to set your expectations high. The intimacy elopement ceremonies provide, topped with the romantic aura the City of Lights emits, sets the tone for an unforgettable experience right from the start!

As an experienced Paris celebrant, I’m here to perform your ceremony and create a completely personalized and fun experience. We can talk about the wedding vows and rings exchange, and come up with a solution that will best represent you as a couple. After you say the long-awaited ‘I do’s’, I’ll hand you the signed wedding certificate that will testify to the vows you exchanged.

To make sure you receive a uniquely tailored experience, I’ll ask you to complete a short yet detailed questionnaire. The details you provide will allow us to work together in creating the most romantic and emotional Paris elopement memorabilia you’ll cherish for years!

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