Vow Renewal Ceremony

Is there something more romantic to top out your exquisite Paris destination wedding from a few years back? I am here to tell you that there is something, indeed, and that is a vow renewal in Paris!

A very intimate Vow Renewal Ceremony on the Shangri La Rooftop

Deciding to do a vow renewal ceremony almost never comes as planned. Many couples get inspired by the romantic aura surrounding the City of Love and decide to pledge their love for one another once again there.

This is when I come into the picture – your English speaking Paris officiant– to make the most out of your vow reinforcement. You can decide to have your personalized vow renewal in Paris, in an elegant Parisian landmark of your choice. We will work together as a team to create the most memorable experience, once again confirming your lifelong commitment to one another. An optional ring exchange is also an idea you might want to consider.

My vow renewal service provides only the most romantic setting and atmosphere that will allow for expressing your genuine thoughts and feelings. I will kindly ask you to fill out a questionnaire and explain your vision so that I can work on creating an authentic experience of your vow renewal in Paris.

So, if a Paris vow renewal ceremony is something you and your partner wish for, get in touch with me, and we’ll settle on the details. I’d be honored to take part in such a precious moment in your life!

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