In this short post, I give you a general update of the impact of Covid-19 on Weddings in France , Travel Bans and State of Health Emergency. You can also hear it here.


This is an update on the COVID 19 impact of weddings celebration recorded on the 3rd week of October 2020.

COVID-19: The new State of Health Emergency extends to the whole of France the ban on large parties in halls rented for the occasion. What about weddings?


Recently, the French President, Emmanuel Macron, has just announced the tightening of measures to deal with the pandemic. A curfew has just been introduced in the Paris region and in eight big cities of the country. However, the ban on wedding, baptism and student parties applies throughout the whole country. Until now, these measures have only applied in areas at maximum alert levels, but they will soon apply throughout France. In fact, since 17th of October 2020, a state of health emergency has been established and the French are once again faced with numerous rules to try to limit the spread of the virus.

Family gatherings and festive occasions are an opportunity to forget about barrier gestures. Very often, people forget to wear their masks and put themselves in danger. Thus, all private parties, which are held in city halls, or any other establishment receiving public, are forbidden.

However, it is still possible to organise a party in a private place, such as one’s house or flat. The President nevertheless invites French people to be no more than 6 people when receiving guests in their homes. A recommendation that he has called “the rule of 6”. Emmanuel Macron also strongly encourages the wearing of masks, including in the private sphere. The authorities therefore call for the utmost caution, especially in the presence of elderly people who are most at risk of serious forms of coronavirus and for whom the number of contaminations is on the rise.

In cities and departments on high alert as in Paris, wedding ceremonies can take place in town halls or places of worship. However, wedding parties are not allowed in public or private venues. It is therefore possible to have a meal in a restaurant for one’s wedding, while respecting the “rule of 6”, i.e. no more than 6 people at the same table, which can sound a bit crazy compared to general expectations…

If you wish to come to France to get married despite these special conditions, there are no restrictions on travel to mainland France from the UK. PCR screening is not an obligation for travel between the two countries. It is nevertheless important to know that in view of the health situation which continues to deteriorate, a curfew is currently in place from 9pm to 6am in the Ile de France region and for certain metropolises. Wearing a mask is compulsory in covered areas and on public transport. In Ile de France, the wearing of a mask is compulsory in all circumstances, for anyone walking in the street. It is recommended to avoid rush hours, especially on public transport.

If you want to get married in France, now is probably not the best time to do so… However, don’t hesitate to come and visit the country and start scouting around to find the place of your dreams.

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