Here’s few useful tips before you basically commit yourself to your fiancé for life (yeah, that sounds scary!)

1. Know Yourself


Sounds obvious, right ? But who are you ? Who is your true self when not filtered by the eyes of your parents, siblings, best friends or coworkers ? Facing your personality, your needs, your will, before picking your other half, makes perfect sense, yet requires to be perfectly honest and self conscious.

2. Love Yourself


If you can’t love yourself, how can you love somebody else ? Now that you are perfectly aware of who you truly are, learn to be confident and happy with everything’s that makes you : you. You should be proud of your looks, as well as of your inner beauty, accomplishments and uniqueness. Even that weird habit you have !

This will lead you to create your own happiness before you are ready to share it with someone special, and make it stronger.


3. Become The Best Version Of You


Your introspection, on your way of getting to know yourself, showed your flaws. You can of course decide to do something about it. Not tomorrow, not next Monday : now !

If you want to challenge yourself to become the best possible version of yourself, take action today.

Go to the gym. Learn a new language or skill. Take this class. Volunteer. Be brave. Dress nice.

The person you’ll become with your choices and challenges will be the one you’ll introduce to your future husband/wife.


4. Set Your Own Goals


Your goals/bucket-list are your own and shouldn’t, as a single person’s, be picked by someone else. Make some assesment of your situation and where you want to go next in our life, very much like you would do in a job interview with your inner boss. Take notes of what comes to your mind when you think hard about your deepest desires. That’s your list, it belongs to you. It may change along the way, but only if you want it.

In the end it will help you when you wonder if you are with the right person : are you willing to compromise ? Will he/she support your goal ?

Here’s a little tip : the best bucket-list comes with 3 categories : what you want to be, what you want to have, what you want to do.


5. Test Your Adulting Skills


We know, there’s nothing more boring than filling your taxes, fully reading a contract, paying bills on time, or even clean your house and cook for yourself. But if you can’t make it work when it’s just you, how do you expect things to go with another person sharing but doubling the same chores and tasks ?

It is also something you’ll test when traveling : be able to take care yourself and show it.

This will help you in attracting the right person, who can reciprocate and lead to a healthy routine for the two of you.


6. Travel


Here’s another « obvious » one, but still : travel as much as you can. Going to another city/state/country/continent. Open your mind to another culture. Do it with a friend, or even better, by yourself.

The bucket-list we just mentioned earlier on this post should have a huge dedicated space for destinations and experiences, places and countries you’d like to visit.

Any excuse is good enough to take a ticket or hit the road.


7. Spare Some Time Away From Her/Him


Even if you have been dating for a while, you need to save yourself some spare time for yourself.

This is your space to indulge.

Go to the spa, to the restaurant, to see a play or a musical. Learn to save this special moment just for you, or for your friends and family, in order to never lose yourself.

It’s important for you, and for him/her because this is a mutual need.

Plus, you’ll get to miss each other !


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8. Date Him/Her For A While


Marriage is not something you can rush.

Listen to your heart, but don’t put your brain on mute.

Talk together : do you have the same dreams, the same plans for your future ? Do you both agree on where you ideally want to settle, or about having children ? Do you share the same views about parenting ?

Communication is one of the most important key to a successful marriage.

Make sure you’re not rushing and that you are building a strong, beautiful relationship with the same expectations.


Still deciding about your wedding or elopement in Paris or anywhere in France? Drop me your questions here, I’ll get back to you soon!


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