As foreigners, you can’t get married legally in France unless you go through a time-consuming process of paperwork, administration problems, and such. It’s not worth it! My clients are usually getting married legally at home, and flying to France to get a symbolic ceremony here, involving family & friends!

Paris is my hometown, and my location proposal for your ceremony will include Plan B’s and C’s if it rains! 

My job is to perform the most intimate ceremony for each and every couple who choose my services. I have built a variety of different ceremonies, I will submit it to both of you, and give you time to think about how we could make it better!

I am a French national, born and raised in Paris. I also lived in various places for more than 10 years, such as Spain, Ireland, and Los Angeles, which made me proudly speak English and Spanish at a fluent level. That’s the reason why I’m proud to propose all my services in three languages : English, Spanish, and… French of course!


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